Lateral flail mower Trilat TL50

Multi-purpose highly professional 3-sided shredder for use with tractors between 100 and 220 HP. Suitable for working at the rear or side of the tractor, it is recommended for grass, plant residues, bushes and prunings up to Ø 10cm. Ideal for clearing large green areas, fallow land, roadsides, ditches, embankments, hedges and sloping land; available in working widths 2 - 2.2 - 2.4 - 2.6 m. 


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On the ground


The side shift has been maximised by the special frame structure, which ensures greater width of movement for the drive shaft.

The new hydraulic shock-dampening, self-leveling system positioned on the tilting axis permits an easier use of the machine when there are obstacles and particularly difficult soil conditions.

Moreover it protects the entire tilting system of the machine while dampening the shocks caused during the working operation.



“No stop” Elastic anti-shock safety system.

When there are hidden obstavles the system is triggered and it blocks the mulching chamber and dampens the shock.



The self-cleaning rear roller, is characterized by an automatic self-cleaning feautre thanks to its position very close to the rotor.



The mulching chamber, consisting of a double metal frame increases the resistance and the integrity of the machine, while protecting the rear gate against damages.







Wide hydraulic tilting  (+90° / - 65°) to guarantee the safe maintenance of embankments and hedges.

Technical data

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Mod. HP mm. mm. (n°) (n°) mm. Kg
Trilat TL50-200 100-220 2000 2527 16 5 160 1215
Trilat TL50-220 100-220 2200 2740 20 5 160 1260
Trilat TL50-240 100-220 2400 2972 20 5 160 1290
Trilat TL50-260 100-220 2600 3157 22 5 160 1330


  • Rotor with flails and larger bolts
  • Extended hydraulic lateral movement with blocking valve
  • Universal joint Double homokinetic
  • Rear roller Ø 160mm with protected internal bearings
  • Fixed counter-blade
  • Pair of skids
  • Pto 540 rpm
  • 3-point hitch cat. 2°/3° with fork-shaped links
  • Free wheel in oil bath positioned inside the main gearbox
  • EC protections
  • Kit hydraulic shock absorber
  • Brackets for the transport of the machine in the upright position
  • Wide hydraulic tilting  (+90° / - 65°)
  • Valves for the speed control of the hydraulic cylinders
  • 3-point hitch with "No-Stop" elastic anti-shock safety system
  • Embedded rotor supports